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I can't believe I haven't posted one of these yet.

ANYWAY. If you have any problems/suggestions/constructive criticism in general regarding how I play Brera Sterne from Macross Frontier, please note them here! Anonymous is enabled, but honestly I won't bite. Please be honest, please give good examples of what you're thinking, and I promise to take it all into consideration.

Thank you!


Mar. 2nd, 2011 12:04 am
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[Having been unceremoniously dropped off at Ranka's house by Grace, Brera stood outside awkwardly. He understood his duties. He understood his desire to protect Ranka.

But he couldn't understand any of the other thoughts in his head. If Ranka didn't trust him, as Grace had said (and Grace must always be believed), then there was no point in his being Ranka's bodyguard any longer.

Brera had his orders. Protect Ranka.

That was all that mattered. Nothing else.

He tried to force all the other thoughts out of his head.

Nothing else mattered.]
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[He was in trouble. He knew it. There was nothing he could do about it. He couldn't run, he couldn't hide, and he could never disobey.

So he waited for her. He waited for her to call, and he waited for her to punish him.]

((OOC: This is for Grace and Brera only. WARNING. This will be... oh god I don't even know. It's going to be intense, there's going to be physical and psychological torture involved, and it's not going to be pretty.))
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[Brera is not looking well. He's sitting at a table in Ranka's house, rubbing his head and even looking... irritated? That's weird, he doesn't usually express emotion at all, so what's with the annoyance?]

((OOC: Responses either action or post are welcome, but he's going to be irritable. SHOCKING.))
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[It was most inconvenient, this little string tied to his finger. It had been tugging at his hand and mind all day until finally he received permission to follow it.

Brera found himself on a strange world, in a city that was more like Macross Galaxy than Frontier, the ship he had been spending time in most recently.

He had no trouble finding his way. After all, he had a string to follow.]
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Ranka. I have received permission to escort you on visits to the other worlds that can be accessed from the community. If you wish, we can go to meet some of the friends you've made here.


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